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Manicure & Pedicure


Luv U Women World has great to give the finest manicure because they feel that hands are one of the first thing we notice when we meet someone. The great range of manicure options are available at our outlets and the guests can go for them in order to have well-groomed hands. Special training is given to the therapists to meet the highest standards in this area.

A manicure is a longer and more involved treatment for fingernails than the regular manicure. While it involves the same process as a regular manicure, the process finishes with an additional treatments.

Don’t let your hands betray you! Let us take care of your fingernails and hands as much as your face! A manicure usually starts with removing former nail polish and sanitizing the hands. Then, hands soak in a bubbling softening substance and lotion is applied.


Treat yourself to top-of-the-line signature pedicure service featuring mostly organic, pure, and hygienic products. Let the tension melt away from your tired legs & foot with a rejuvenating pedicure service at Luv U Women World.

Similar to a regular pedicure for both the gender. The feet are soaked and cleansed in warm, scented water to soften the skin. A pedicure goes further with exfoliation and pampering of the guest’s feet. An exfoliating scrub will slough off dead skin with salts or minerals. Your pedicurist will also remove the cuticles, cut and shape the toenails.